AMS-131 Introduction To Probability Theory

Introduction to probability theory and its applications. Combinatorial analysis, axioms of probability and independence, random variables (discrete and continuous), joint probability distributions, properties of expectation, Central Limit Theorem, Law of Large Numbers, Markov chains.

Instructor And Assistants

Intructor: Raquel Prado BE-365C 

TAs: Laura Baracaldo, Rene Gutierrez and Wenjie Zhao  

General Information

  • Syllabus and Class Information
  • Time and location: Tu and Th 8-9:35am  Thim Lecture 003 
  • Instructor Office Hours: Tu and Th: 10-11am 
  • TA Office Hours: 
    • Laura Baracaldo: Mon 9-10am BE 119 and Tu 1-2pm BE 312C/D 
    • Rene Gutierrez: Th 6-7pm and Fri 12-1pm in BE 358 
    • Wenjie Zhao: Mon 5-6pm BE 119 and Tu 11-12 BE 121 
  • Homework Assignments
  • MSI information: Monday 2:40-3:40pm at the ARCenter 221; Tuesday 5:20-6:20pm Soc Sci 2 Room 171; Wednesday 12-1pm in Crown 105 and Thursday 2-3pm at the LSS mobile office at OPERS
  • Discussion Sections:  
    • W 8-9:05am E2 194
    • W 10:40-11:45am E2 194

    • W 12:00-1:05pm Soc Sci 1 110
    • Th 7:10-8:15pm E2 194
    • Fr 1:20pm-2:25pm E2 192